Vintage Uk

  • Forced to leave the University of Baghdad when the Americans invade Iraq, a young man returns home, where he witnesses violence by American soldiers. Consumed by revenge, he finds himself part of a terrorist operation which will take him to London. But as the time to board the plane draws near, he struggles to reconcile himself to his mission.

  • Since the ascendancy of the Taliban the lives of Mosheen and his beautiful wife, Zunaira, have been gradually destroyed. Mosheen's dream of becoming a diplomat has been shattered and Zunaira can no longer even appear on the streets of Kabul unveiled.

  • Anglais The attack

    Yasmina Khadra

    Ammine, a surgeon in a Jerusalem hospital, struggles to cope with the bodies of victims of a suicide bombing in a Jerusalem restaurant. When the police pin responsibility of the suicide attack on Ammine's wife, he is at first baffled and angry. But his feelings turn to confusion and sorrow when he discovers his wife was indeed behind the attack.