• Cet ouvrage insolite permet de découvrir comment les grands mathématiciens d'hier et d'aujourd'hui ont changé notre conception et connaissance du monde. Le texte, riche en anecdotes et en récits d'expériences, rend très accessible ce sujet complexe !

  • History

    Adam Hart-Davis

    A story of human history. It helps you discover the complete story of the people, events, themes, ideas and forces that have shaped human existence from the origins of mankind to Sputnik, Machu Pichu and recent events.

  • Adam Hart-Davis, one of the nations favourite TV presenters, returns to our screens with a tour through the Top Ten developments of each of the great civilisations of the past. From the Egyptians to the Romans, Babylonians to the Arabs, Adam takes us on an epic history of the world, looking at some of the great legacies left to us by ancient cultures. What the Past Did For Us accompanies a major 9-part new format autumn show, in which Adam is the anchorman who leads us through the history of inventions while testing some of these in the studio. The accompanying book is an entertainingly written history of ancient cultures, capturing Adams enthusiasm for the subject. Adam tells the story of the Chinese inventors who came up with the mariners compass, paper money and gunpowder right through to the Ancient Indians who, according to Einstein taught us how to count as well as giving us the 12-month calendar year and 7-day week.

  • Full of great tales of achievement and ingenuity, Engineers celebrates 80 of the greatest engineers that ever lived and the stamp they have left on the world. Learn all about how their projects have changed the course of history and added to human progress from the men who built the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the Industrial Revolution and the impressive structures of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and on to the pioneers of space travel and the computer scientists of today.From initial concepts to prototypes and finished designs, Engineers is full to bursting with technical drawings, specially commissioned artworks, blueprints and virtual tours that help bring the structures, inventions and technological breakthroughs to life.Engineers is for anyone who is intrigued by the power of the pioneering mind.

  • Talking Science

    Adam Hart-Davis

    • Wiley
    • 5 Août 2005

    talking SCIENCE TV personality Adam Hart-Davis meets 14 of the world's leading scientists to discuss their work, their passions, and those elusive ground-breaking moments in their lives. This is a book that shows how science can explain the world that we inherited and shape the world that we would like to leave for future generations. Jocelyn Bell Burnell (Bath, UK) tells her personal story of the discovery of the first pulsar. Sir Michael Berry (Bristol, UK) ties knots in nothing.Richard Dawkins (Oxford, UK) explains what Darwinism means today.Loren Graham (MIT, US) explains why Stalin's top-down policy meant that no Russian engineering project would ever work properly.Richard Gregory (Bristol, UK) explores some of the visual illusions that so easily fool us.Eric Lander (MIT, US) discusses the excitement of the human genome project.Lord May of Oxford (UK) President of the Royal Society talks about chaos, ecology and HIV.John Maynard Smith (Sussex, UK) discusses why we bother with sex.Rosalind Picard (MIT, US) believes in wearable computers that understand our emotions.Sir Martin Rees (Cambridge, UK), Astronomer Royal, discusses the big bang, black holes and the end of the universe.Eugenie Scott (Oakland, US) is a leading campaigner for the teaching in schools of evolution rather than creationism.Lewis Wolpert (UCL, UK) speaks on the ethics and practicality of cloning and on his own depression.Colleen Cavanaugh (Harvard, US) describes the excitement and discomfort of exploring the deep ocean.Peter Raven (St Louis, US) is a leading advocate of biodiversity - described by Time magazine as a hero for the planet.

  • Le livre du temps

    Adam Hart-Davis

    Toujours les hommes ont tenté de garder trace du temps, de le mesurer, de le maîtriser. C'est ainsi qu'apparurent les calendriers, puis des appareils sophistiqués allant de l'horloge à eau indienne à la toute dernière horloge atomique, en passant par les pendules, chronomètres, cristaux de quartz et pulsars. Mais l'approche du temps n'est pas que pratique, loin s'en faut : le temps a toujours fasciné les penseurs, comme Platon, Aristote ou Leibniz ou encore les scientifiques tel Einstein. Bref, tout cela est extrêmement complexe, mais ce livre réussit, pour notre plus grand bien, à rendre toutes ces notions claires et accessibles à tous.

  • A visual guide to the great engineers who have built our world. Including great tales of achievement and ingenuity, it celebrates 80 of the greatest engineers that ever lived and the stamp they have left on the world. It is suitable for those who are intrigued by the power of the pioneering mind.

  • The definitive, 4.4 million year-old story of human history From the origins of mankind to the 21st century, spanning the globe and based on the latest research, the complete story of the people, events, themes, ideas and forces that have shaped human existence.

    Find out about our history's turning points: eye witness accounts and biographies give a personal angle to major events. Explore humankind's legacy from architecture and artefacts to the big ideas that have changed our world. Examine the effect we've had on nature and vice versa. And discover how the past has been unlocked: from interpreting ancient documents to analysing ice cores.

    A compelling look at human existence: perfect for the family bookshelf.

  • Voir l'Histoire et comprendre le monde est un ouvrage unique et formidablement illustré qui se propose de décoder les grandes époques et les évènements de l'Histoire humaine, de la Préhistoire à nos jours.

  • Adam Hart-Davis here presents the best of British heroes: brilliant and often eccentric pioneers of science, invention and technology