• Vous commencez à taper dans la petite balle ? Vous voulez assimiler vite et bien les bases de ce sport passionnant mais complexe ? Si vous achetez ce livre, c'est que vous êtes déjà accro au golf, ou sur le point de le devenir ! Rendez-vous sur le parcours avec Le Golf pour les Nuls, un guide pratique et distrayant pour apprendre à jouer comme un pro.

    Au programme :

    Green, club, birdy, tee, par... le vocabulaire du golfeur à votre portée !

    L'équipement : les clubs et le matériel indispensable pour débuter, les must, pour les joueurs confirmés.

    Green, rough, bunkers et fairway... le parcours comme si vous y étiez.
    Les règles et stratégies de jeux : les coups gagnants pour réussir votre parcours.

    Et surtout : tous les mouvements décomposés et expliqués grâce à de nombreuses photos et illustrations détaillées.

    Dans cette nouvelle édition, deux nouveaux chapitres : améliorer sa condition physique et faire progresser son jeu, ainsi que des mises à jour des meilleurs parcours et joueurs.

  • Anglais Golf For Dummies

    Gary McCord

    When it comes to improving your golf game, everyone’s an expert, even other beginners who don’t play any better than you. Get help from real experts. Golf For Dummies, Third Edition, features easy-to-follow instructions for hitting the ball farther and straighter, and shaving strokes off your game. It gives you:

    Advice on adjusting your grip, stance, and swing

    Helpful tips from the top players in the game

    New methods for improving improve your short game

    Exercises tailored to keep you fit and improve your game

    Reviews of the latest golfing equipment

    The latest on new organizations and websites for golfers

    Details about great new courses

    Accounts of golf’s greatest moments and players

    Playing golf is fun—playing better is even more fun. With a little help from Golf for Dummies, Third Edition, you’ll have the time of your life whenever you lace up your cleats.

  • Golf For Dummies

    Gary Mccord

    The fun and easy way to get a grip on golf Golf For Dummies, 4th Edition, gives you all the latest information on the game, including updated expert advice on everything from improving fundamentals to mastering the game's mental aspects. With advice from professional Gary McCord, this expert guide gives you easy to follow instructions for hitting the ball farther and straighter, and hints on how to shave strokes off your game. Updated instructions on grips, stances, and swings The most current stars and best courses New tips from top players on how to improve your game Details on the latest golf equipment and technology Playing golf is fun-playing better is even more fun. With a little help from Golf For Dummies, 4th Edition, you'll have the time of your life whenever you hit the links.

  • Improve your golf swing in a day? Easy. Playing golf is fun-but there's a reason why it's known as the most maddening (if not wondrous) game of all. The intricacies of perfecting your golf swing can "tee off" even the most patient golfer, but that's where this handy little guide comes in. Improving Your Golf Swing In A Day For Dummies is packed with tips on improving grip and posture, the essentials of a good swing, and the mechanics of putting. Plus, you'll get expert advice and tips for correcting problems with your own form and swing. The art of perfecting your golf grip and posture The essentials of refining your swing motion Adjusting your mechanics for various distances and putting Concise coverage of common swing faults and easy fixes Online component takes you beyond the book with bonus content and features Get set to impress your friends with a perfect swing in no time!

  • An informative and entertaining guide to the world of golf Want to get your handicap down or just get out of a bunker? Golf For Dummies, 2nd Australian and New Zealand edition, is the complete reference for golfers of all experience levels. Get some great advice on improving your technique with step-by-step instructions and photographs. Pick up the right equipment, hit the green and have fun along the way! Challenge yourself to play better - get tips on taking your game to the next level Get out of trouble - know your options when facing difficult recovery shots Understand the handicap system - discover how to get a handicap, how it's calculated and what it means Work on your technique - develop strategies to improve your swing Focus on your golf fitness - learn ways to get into golf shape Choose where to play - find out where to practise and play golf Watch golf in person - discover where you can watch live golf and interact with players Learn more about the greats of the game - find out who made Brett Ogle's top ten Open the book and find: Advice on choosing the correct equipment Chipping, pitching and putting tips Instructions for getting out of bunkers Rules, etiquette and how to keep score Methods for overcoming the 'yips' and 'shanks' How to fit in at the golf club Learn to: Improve your swing Perfect your putting and get your handicap down Find your local golf pro Choose the best golfing holiday spots