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  • Dublin is one of Europe's most enticing capitals - a drizzly dream that has captured the imaginations of virtually all who walk its mottled streets. It's a city rich in history and heritage but is equally devoted to more hedonistic endeavours: spend a couple of days or nights here and you'll soon realise that Dubliners are in deadly earnest about having fun.
    Special features include:
    Pull-out city map.
    Full-colour pocket-sized guidebook.
    The best walking tours.

  • A former industrial powerhouse with a troubled past, Belfast has pulled off a remarkable ;
    Transformation into a hip party town. Special features include:
    Pull-out city map ;
    Full-colour pocket-sized guidebook ;
    The best walking tours ;

  • Discover the inner sanctum of Freemason's Hall, see Napoleon's toothbrush, marvel at a hoax plaque hidden in plain sight on O'Connell Bridge, try George IV's footprints for size, venture into a Georgian time capsule on Henrietta Street, cross the bridge beneath which William Rowan Hamilton had his 'Eureka' moment, explore a 'museum' flat preserved exactly as it was almost 100 years ago, tune into the world of vintage radio in a Martello Tower, spot Dublin's subter- ranean river, or post your thoughts in a mystery letterbox.

    Dublin offers endless opportunities for getting off the tourist grid - for peering into the city's fascinating past and present. All you need to know is where to look... and who to ask for. Secret Dublin - An Unusual Guide is an indispensable resource for those who thought they knew everything about the city, or who want to discover its hidden treasures.
    Skip the crowds and clichés, and really get beneath the city's skin...

  • Sardinia captivates with its wild hinterland, out-of-this-world beaches and endearing eccentricities.
    Here coastal drives thrill, prehistory puzzles, and four million sheep rule the roads.
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    Activities for lazy days.
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  • Mix and match from over 2000 combinations to make your perfect day in Dublin.
    Transport planner to navigate between sights.
    Recommended eating options close to the must-see sights.