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  • Anglais Détox


    Detoxing your body is one of the simplest and most effective ways to feel energised and healthy. Detox contains four plans: the one-day mono food detox, the weekend detox, the seven day detox and the two-week detox. Each includes a menu plan and fabulous recipes for every meal.

  • Food Futures est une collection visuelle et stimulante d'expériences et d'innovations dans le design culinaire, soulevant des questions et défiant la manière dont nous percevons cette denrée quotidienne. Cet ouvrage se divise en trois sections principales, montrant chacune des projets de design relevant de différentes catégories. Ces sections sculptent une compréhension des différentes façons dont le projet a été conçu et sont, dans l'ordre, « Bidimensionnelle », « Tridimensionnelle » et « Multidimensionnelle » (empirique).

  • Anglais Toast

    Raquel Pelzel

    The ultimate canvas for sweet and savoury culinary creativity. 50 seasonal recipes that reimagine the «bread and butter» of cuisine with simple ingredients in surprising ways - As simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be, but always comforting and nourishing.
    Toast is perfect for those looking for seasonal, market-inspired recipes, or gourmet treats presented in an approachable manner - With something for every palette and occasion, this is the ideal book for new and seasoned cooks alike and everyone from college students and recent graduates, to newlyweds and empty nesters Artisanal toast is a hit in the media with features on Today, GMA, and NPR, and on the pages of The New Yorker, San Francisco Chronicle, Guardian, and Bon Appétit

  • Let the pros help you plan and prep meals for your family - home-cooking recipes used by chefs to feed those they love!

    Looking for meals that will appeal to everyone around the table? Cooking for Your Kids is the perfect solution: 100 recipes - breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, treats - from the repertoires of world-famous chefs who cook for their children at home. Charming first-person stories offer a glimpse into their private lives as they strive to raise adventurous (and healthy) eaters. The chefs explain why each dish is much-loved, highlight how ingredients can expand palates, reveal insider tips, and share their work-life balance challenges.

  • Ce livre ludique et richement illustré offre aux petits une parfaite introduction à la cuisine. Les recettes sont choisises pour leur simplicité et leur attrait pour les enfants : petits déjeuners, déjeuners, repas principaux, collations après l'école, desserts, boissons, biscuits... Elles sont présentées avec des instructions étape-par-étape faciles à suivre et une table de conversion des mesures utilisées.

  • Avec une salade, vous êtes sûr de réaliser un plat frais, rapide à préparer, coloré et léger. C'est sain, délicieux et facile à intégrer dans un repas : en entrée, en accompagnement, ou encore comme plat principal et complet. Découvrez dans ce livre une variété de recettes de salades originales et savoureuses.

  • Ce livre propose des recettes de cuisine saines et équilibrées que les enfants apprécieront et qui les aideront à rester en forme et en bonne santé : petits déjeuners, boîtes à lunch, collations et dìners y sont présentés ainsi que quelques recettes que les enfants peuvent essayer par eux-mêmes. Vous y trouverez également des explications détaillées sur la valeur nutritive des aliments.

  • More and more children are overweight. What they are eating is very important for them, as well as for children of normal weight. Surgeon, weight loss specialist and amateur chef Kristel De Vogelaere sees heavy children combating this chronic disease on a daily basis in her consultations.
    Obesity and being overweight is absolutely not risk free! Overweight children have a higher risk of health problems and therefore it is more than necessary that obese children are offered help and that attention is paid to prevention.
    In this second book, Prof. De Vogelaere would like to offer insight to you, parents, about the causes and consequences of obesity. This book will help you along by offering recipes and practical tips for learning healthy food habits and a healthy lifestyle together with your children. Going down this road together lightens the load and leads to a healthier family as a whole.

  • Dog owners consider their pets to be cherished members of the family, and care about their health and well-being as they would that of a human. And, as with humans, animal illness is often traced to a poor diet, commonly caused by processed food made with preservatives.
    This book aims to change the way people feed their dogs, with 50 easy-to-follow recipes for nutritious and easy-to-make meals adjustable for dogs of different weights, sizes, breeds, and activity levels.

    Key Selling Points - This book takes the mystery out of what you should feed your dog with simple recipes that follow heathy guidelines - A varied selection of recipes to batch-cook and freeze - ideal for busy lives - Easy guides for portion sizing for all dog varieties - perfect for multi-dog households - Information on additional vitamin supplements that will keep dogs healthy and happy - Illustrated throughout by Kevin Waldron, author of Phaidon's children's title, Harold's Hungry Eyes - Billions of people own dogs - 78.2 million households in the US, 30 million in Brazil, 26.8 million in China, 7.4 million in South Africa, 6.7 million in the UK, 5.2 million in Germany alone!

  • Jede Geschichte hat ihren roten Faden. In dieser Geschichte ist der Faden allerdings eher grün oder blau, denn es ist der Absinthe, der sich durch die 40 Rezepte dieses Buches zieht. Egal ob Cocktails, Aperitifs, Vorspeisen, Hauptgerichte oder Desserts, das mythische Getränk des Val-de-Travers findet überall und bei jeder Gelegenheit einen Platz.
    Nach 95 Jahren der Illegalität wurde der Absinthe am 1. März 2005 in der Schweiz wieder zugelassen. Aber er ist nie aus der Region verschwunden, in der er geboren wurde, sondern bildet einen integralen Bestandteil der lokalen Identität. Aus ein und derselben Pflanze, dem Anis, entstehen Elixiere mit unterschiedlichsten Geschmacksrichtungen - eine Spielwiese für Liebhaber und Gastronomen. Hier sind Rezepte, neu interpretiert oder erfunden und leicht umzusetzen, die Sie diese Reichtümer entdecken lassen.
    Das Buch erzählt auch eine Familiengeschichte, denn die beiden Autoren sind Großcousins. Aurélie Brunner, eine Frau mit Sinn für Ästhetik, stöbert nicht nur gern nach Antiquitäten, sie liebt es auch, zu fotografieren. In ihren Rezepten lässt sie zudem ihre Verbundenheit mit den sizilianischen Wurzeln ihrer Mutter erkennen. Yann Klauser hat das Interesse am Absinthe von seinem Vater geerbt und es zu einer Leidenschaft für die Geschichte des Val-de-Travers entwickelt.

  • The complete guide to feeding your baby or toddler, giving them a lifelong love of good food - the Italian way!

    From their very first morsels, Italian infants are encouraged to explore the tastes and textures of real food - the goal being to help them develop a love of fresh ingredients and healthy eating. The Silver Spoon: Recipes for Babies is the perfect introduction to this national tradition, covering the period of a child's development from six months to two years, with recipes designed to introduce a child to a wide range of foods along with advice for stress-free weaning. Its 50 authentic Italian recipes, from nutritious purees to a child's first carbonara, couscous and pizza, have been double-tested in a home kitchen and are accompanied by expert tips, making this the perfect manual for all parents.

  • Features Ostrich steak, Himalayan pink salt, urchin sushi, Indian spices, and Sardinian maggot cheese. This book not only tells you what foods to try but where they come from, how they have been and are used in cooking and features tasting notes indicating what to expect when you try them.

  • French pastries and desserts by Lenôtre Nouv.

    Gaston Lenôtre, the legendary master French pâtissier, was revered for having made desserts lighter and more delicious; his techniques continue to influence pastry chefs in France and around the world.
    This new edition of the now cult cookbook- first published in English in 1977 as Lenôtre's Desserts and Pastries-has been updated in collaboration with the chefs at Lenôtre Paris and two of the founder's children. The chefs at Lenôtre Paris-who run a worldclass cooking school-have adapted the two hundred essential recipes for amateur bakers and experienced professionals alike.